Plumbing and Sanitation Service

Plumbing and sanitation is a system of efficient distribution of potable water and disposal of wastewater. Proper plumbing and sanitation work is required to bring fresh water into your house and then take the wastewater away from your house.

If plumbing and sanitation work is not given due importance and neglected then it can create a haphazard and make your living an awful experience.

Plumbing and Sanitation Services

Munna Plumbing Work has been providing the best plumbing and sanitation services since 1982. We have done our best to serve our clients with all the necessary plumbing and sanitation services. The importance of plumbing can be understood from the fact that the cost of plumbing works accounts for 10% of the total cost of building.

Plumbing and sanitation are often interchangeably used but both have different meanings. Plumbing refers to supplying clean and fresh water into the house while sanitation refers to the disposal of wastewater away from the house.

Common plumbing and sanitation services provided by Munna plumbing work are as follows.

Plumbing Services

  • Concealed bathroom fittings
  • Terrace looping
  • Pumpline
  • CP fittings
  • UPVC Water Downtake Line

Sanitation Services

  • Sanitary fittings
  • Drainage Line
  • Drainage chamber
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • SWR PVC downtake line

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