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Like MBA Chaiwala we are Civil Engineers and Architect as the 2nd Generation Contractors to Redefine Plumbing. Munna Plumbing Work has been in business since 1982.

Why Choose Munna Plumbing Work

There are 100’s of plumbers out there then why should you choose Munna Plumbing Work. This seems to be a genuine and sensible question. Let me answer it straight forward.

Munna plumbing work came into existence in 1982 since then we have worked day and night to give our clients safe and potable water and also hygienically dispose of the waste water.

Coming from civil engineering and architectural backgrounds we have all the required qualification and expertise required for your bathroom plumbing work.

We are licensed plumbing contractors authorised to conduct all types of plumbing and sanitation work. We also issue plumbing certificates to new buildings after inspection.

We are definitely not the cheapest plumbing contractor out there but one of the best plumbing contractors with a skilled and qualified team.

What we do?

We do all type of plumbing work starting from concealed bathroom fitting to solar water heater, drainage to rain water harvesting.

Ever since our inception way back in 1982, we have working to provide the best possible solution to all plumbing needs. We are an experienced and highly qualified professional plumbing company capable of dealing with the toughest challenges in the plumbing and sanitation field.

We provide complete plumbing and sanitation services to residential buildings, commercial spaces, industries, educational buildings, hospitals, etc. Our services include but are limited to:

Bathroom Internal Fitting

Bathroom Fitting

Bathroom Repairing

CP Sanitary Fitting

Water tank Cleaning and fitting

Water Tank Installation



Motor pump fitting

Motor / Pump Fitting

Water meter installation

Water Meter Fitting

Wall tiling and floor tiling installation

Wall Tile and Flooring

Bathroom tile gap filling

Bathroom Grouting

Kitchen tile gap filling

Kitchen Grouting

Drainage line

Drainage line

Indian WC fitting

Indian WC Fitting

European WC Fitting

European WC Fitting

Terrace Looping

Terrace Water Line Change

SWR Downtake line

SWR Downtake Line

Above are some of the tasks that we have been doing for 40 years. After working in the field of plumbing for 4 decades we have gathered experience and expertise that help us to do better in each plumbing work that we undertake.

Rest assured of the quality and best workmanship of your work.

Professional Performance With Perfection

We are professional plumbing contractor with 40 years of experience and are highly qualified to take any challenge that comes our way. We are committed to out perform our competitors in every way.

A Plumbing Company to remember

We are number 1 in the number 2 business (plumbing). We are experienced and qualified.

Licensed and Certified

We are equipped with plumbing contractor license and chartered engineer certificate.

A leading player in the plumbing and sanitation industry

We have a habit of outperforming ourselves in each work we undertake. This has always helped us to deliver better results every time.

Special Offer for first hundred Customer

This is a promotional offer for first 100 customer coming through our website. This offer is valid for first hundred customer starting from 10th February 2024.

100% Quality

What our client and customer says

About Munna Plumbing Work

When it comes to finding the top plumbing contractor in Mira Road and Bhayandar Munna Plumbing Work is the first choice.

We worked hard to be known as one of the top plumbers in Mira Road East, Mumbai. We now cover all areas in Mumbai, Thane and nearby locations.

In our early days in construction industry we started with plumbing work of residential buildings. Thus deriving the name of our company Munna Plumbing Work.

With our 40 years of experience as plumbing contractors in mumbai we can handle all type of plumbing work of residential and commercial building works.

We provide professional plumbing services for bathrooms, kitchens, basin, sink fixing for residential flats, buildings, commercial projects, to township projects.

Bathroom Repairing

Don’t go by our sayings chat with us to get our sample project photos and videos that will help you choose the best for your home or project. Don’t fall in the trap of fake plumbing experts who claim to be the best plumbers. Ask for a plumbing license and certification and you will know their reality.

We have a team of engineers and interior designer along with capable hardworking plumbers and supporting team who are capable of doing all type of plumbing works.

We are not like other plumbing service providers like Justdial or Urban Company who do not have inhouse team and outsource plumbing work to others. One of the main drawbacks of such a company is that each time they give your number to different vendors who pay them well.


We on the other hand have our in-house plumbing team and we always try to maintain quality in each of our work. Whereas they can send even new plumbers who do not have any prior experience in this field.

Waterproofing work is the backbone of any home interior. If water proof work fails then water can seep through the walls or into the ceiling of the floor below it.

Waterproofing services by Munna Plumbing Work

Bathroom water proof work and balcony waterproofing work can make or break your home interior decoration.

Munna Plumbing Work is one of the top waterproofing contractor in Mira Road, Bhayandar, Thane, and Mumbai area. If you have any type of water proofing work then don’t hesitate and contact us for the best work guaranteed.

Choose the best tiling and flooring work contractor for your next home renovation. We have been working as tiling and flooring contractors in Mira Road and Bhayandar since last 15 years.

Wall tiling and floor tiling installation

For any type of tile work, tile installation service please feel free to contact us. We have experienced tile fitter masons and supervisors to do any type of tiling work.

Rest assured for your work as we are one of the top tiling contractor in Mira Road East, Mumbai.

Most of the flooring and tiling contractors don’t knwo the basic of pluimbing and electrical thus damage the plumbing work. In our early days in plumbing we noticed that floor and tiling contractors lack knowleddge about plumbing thus damaging the plumbing water pipes laid below the flooring.

Thus we came up with a solution that we have to expand our services in the field of tiling industry to safeguard the plumbign work done by us. We hired some of the top flooring specialist and explained them how to safeguard the water and electrical pipes.

The damage caused to water and electrical pipes are now almost zero. Thus we started doing flooring and tiling contracting work because of this. This has saved lakhs of rupees of home owners not going for rework.

We are pleased to inform you that we provide all types of painting services for internal and external wall painting. Painting is one of the most important finishing work in our houses.

From our inception days, we found that there is a lack of quality painting service providers in the market. We have tried our best to provide quality painting service in every task that we undertake.

We undertake internal room painting as well as building exterior painting works. We also provide crack filling and external repair services to buildings that require structural repairing. Rest assured of quality painting work after awarding your painting work to us.


As we humans fall ill and require care and medicines to recover same is the case with our buildings. After a certain period, our home needs structural repair to make it strong again. Structural repairing makes your building fit for rehabilitation and living.

In structural repairing, we use scaffolding to reach every corner of your building elevation and break and remove damaged plasters that need replastering. After removing old damaged plaster we replaster or use polymer cement mortar repairing to RCC areas of the building to recover the lost strength.

If your building is older than 15 years we highly recommend going for structural repair work. We also change plumbing pipelines if pipes are damaged and do external painting work of your building after completing repair work. Going for terrace waterproofing is also must for safeguarding against whether or water leakage problems.

Some of Our Works

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer all type of plumbing an sanitation services like concealed bathroom fitting, rain water harvesting, drainage and septic tank work, solar water heater, fire fighting and water proofing work.

In short we provide all to all services related to house construction and maintenance.

Look out for signs like slow drainage, unusual noises, or water stains, indicating potential plumbing problems.

Consider their experience, certifications, customer reviews, response time during emergencies, pricing transparency, and guarantees on services offered.

Regular maintenance, timely repairs of minor issues, and avoiding improper use or disposal of materials can significantly reduce the chances of plumbing emergencies.

We have been in plumbing and sanitation business since 1982. It was founded by M. I. Siddiqui more than 40 years ago. Since then we have worked on thousand of residential and commercial building projects. 

We are a licensed plumbing contractor and have a team of civil engineers and architects to achieve targets that others dream of.

Kindly contact us via whatsapp or call us directly to book your plumbing services.

Yes, our plumbing services are fully licensed and conducted by experienced professionals to ensure quality and reliability.

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience, commitment to customer satisfaction, transparent pricing, quick response times, and top-notch service quality.

No Visiting Charge

Visiting charge will discounted in final bill

Free 3D Design

Free 3D Design service for home interior worth Rs. 2999/-

10% Extra Discount

Extra 10% discount for work above Rs. 15,000/-​

Flexible Payments

Multiple payment option like cash, UPI, and other payments.