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The Plumbing Doctor

The Plumbing Doctor

Premiere service and quality since 1982

Ever since our inception way back in 1982, we have working to provide the best possible solution to all plumbing needs. We are an experienced and highly qualified professional plumbing company capable of dealing with the toughest challenge in the plumbing and sanitation field.

We provide complete plumbing and sanitation services to residential buildings, commercial spaces, industries, educational buildings, hospitals, etc. Our services include but are limited to:

Water Supply Systems
Drainage Systems
CP and Sanitary
Pump Installation
Solar Water Heater System
Waste Water Treatment
Fire Fighting
Water Proofing
Choose The best & Flush The Rest

Excellence in quality, always meet your requirements

Once Trusted Never Regretted

We have a habit of outperforming ourselves in each work we undertake. This has always helped us to deliver better results every time.

Plumbing is now simplified as we do all the complex tasks in the background. We are the problem fixers and definitely a plumbing company to remember.

Our mission at Munna Plumbing Work is to deliver the best professional plumbing service to satisfy customer needs.

Our vision is to establish our firm as the best and only choice in the plumbing and sanitation field.

Some of the core principles that we value are:

Work Quality
Great support

Plumbing is the foundation of a solid home and we know this. Thus we take our work seriously and try to do our best each time.

Munna Plumbing Work

The complete package for plumbing and sanitation needs of Residential and commercial buildings. Top-notch quality with highly qualified human resources.


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